Wind Energy

Elk River designs and makes the very best fall protection equipment for rescue and confined spaces. Safety is always our first priority. If you are in the rescue or confined spaces industries and need a fall protection harness, reach out to us.


World Class Customer Service

We are a family run business. Our customers are part of our extended family and we treat them that way. If you are looking for a human connection, you get it with Elk River.

Our Priority Is Safety

Because our products are designed to protect people working in elevated environments, safety is always our number one concern. We never take short cuts that would put the safety of our customers in jeopardy.

Trained Consultants

Our sales consultants are continuously educated to understand the latest in safety technology. They present every single Elk River product with expertise, recommending best fit products for the customer.

Wind Energy
Fall prevention

Elk River builds the highest quality fall protection for wind energy. Keep your workforce safe with our harnesses, lanyards, and other fall prevention equipment. If you are in need of any wind energy fall safety, reach out to us.