Elk River Fall Protection Harnesses: Keeping You Safe and OSHA Compliant

Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry, the tower industry, and the industrial industry. The right fall protection gear, including fall protection harnesses & their associated hardware, prevents injuries & these tragic fatalities. It’s critical that you understand the requirements and best practices of fall protection systems. Fall protection gear promotes

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Back Side of Fall Protection Harness

Why Choose Elk River?

For people who do their jobs in elevated working environments, safety is always the most important aspect of the job. Not only is fall protection equipment a necessity to protect your life in case of an accident or a fall, it is the law. In fact, “OSHA requires that fall protection be provided at elevations

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Elk River Harnessed man on tower

Properly Inspecting Your Personal Fall Arrest System

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in work-related injuries; it’s essential to properly inspect your personal fall protection equipment It’s critical for the safety of all employees to understand how to properly inspect personal fall arrest systems prior to using the system. In an ideal world, all fall hazards would be engineered

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